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Isi: 3 Pcs Tahu.

French Fries IDR 18,182

Bakmi Doank IDR 18,183

Consists of 5 bottles: Matcha Nut Mylk, Cacao Nut Mylk, Belly Fat Burn Nut Mylk, Vit A Nut Mylk, Miracle Beet Nut Mylk.
Consist of 3 bottles: 1: Fat Detox=Sunkist orange, green coconut water, Thai pineapple 2: Flat Tummy=Carrot, sunkist orange, baby watermelon 3: Belly Fat Burn=Almond, cashew, US dates, mountain rock salt, baby watermelon

Reboot Detox Package IDR 495,000

Focus on reboot metabolism, aids in fat loss, refreshed body and optimalize organ functions. Consists of 7 bottles @ 500 ml: Detox Water, Protein Intake, Omega 3 Feed, MultiVitamin, Super Enzymes, Miracle Nutrition, Essential Vitamin.