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Red Bean Ice with Durian.

Es Krim 2 Scoops IDR 17,900

Ice Cream Two Scoops.
Glutinous Rice Ball in Ginger Soup.

Es Cendol Durian IDR 27,900

Ice Cendol with Durian.

Es Cendol IDR 21,900

Ice Cendol.
Mango Melon Snow Ice.

Es Salju Podeng IDR 24,900

Podeng Snow Ice.
Red Bean Snow Ice.

Es Salju Durian IDR 29,900

Durian Snow Ice.

Es Salju Campur IDR 27,900

Mixed Snow Ice.

Es Salju Buah IDR 27,900

Fruity Snow Ice.
Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper.

Cumi Goreng Tepung IDR 48,900

Fried Squid with Flour.

Cumi Goreng Pedas IDR 48,900

Fried Squid with Chilli.
Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk.
Fried Prawn with Salt and Pepper.

Udang Goreng Tepung IDR 65,900

Fried Prawn with Flour.
Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise.