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Nom Yen IDR 25,000

Ice Pink Milk

Ice Milo IDR 30,000

Kafe Milo IDR 30,000

Ice Coffee + Milo

Kafe Yen IDR 25,000

Ice Coffee + Milk

Cha Keaw Manow IDR 25,000

Ice Lemon Green Tea

Cha Keaw IDR 25,000

Thai Ice Green Tea

Cha Yen IDR 25,000

Thai Ice Black Tea

Cha Manow IDR 25,000

Ice Lemon Tea
Freshly daily made durian ice cream by Jittlada
Durian served over Thai sticky rice
Famous cooked tapioca in syrup topped with coconut cream

Thai Ice Mixed IDR 35,500

Sweet corn, young coconut, jackfruit, and arenga palm fruit with coconut milk

Sweet Pumpkin IDR 40,000

Cooked pumpkin in syrup topped with coconut cream
Freshly daily made coconut ice cream by Jittlada
Sweet ripe mango with glutinous rice
Fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, chives, bean curd, and prawns
Beef balls, beef and steamed bean sprouts in the dark spicy beef soup