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Red curry beef / chicken with small eggplants
House special thick curry with beef / chicken
Green curry beef / chicken with small eggplants

Roast Duck Curry IDR 79,500

Red duck curry with cherry tomatoes, sweet basil and lychee

Prawn Satay IDR 145,500

Prawn satay served with seafood sauce

Chicken Satay IDR 64,500

Marinated chicken satay served with peanut sauce and cucumber

Grilled Sirloin Beef IDR 125,500

Marinated grill beef served with chef sauce
Chicken soup with coconut milk and Thai herbs

Clear Soup IDR 45,500

Clear chicken soup with glass noodle, minced chicken, mushroom and garlic
Famous Thai spicy and sour with prawn

Grilled Chicken IDR 75,500

Marinated grill chicken served with chef sauce